Music For Alcoholics And Drug Addicts

A growing number of progressive and holistic centers now turn to music to help people with unhealthy dependence on drugs and alcohol.

Treating Alcoholics And Drug Addicts With Music

Beth Clark, a music therapist and clinical counselor who has worked with addicts, said that music therapy can boost motivation for treatment in individuals suffering from substance addiction. Music therapy can also boost their decision-making skills and help prevent relapse.

Clark cited studies that showed the power of music in helping treat addiction. In a 2012 study study involving patients in a detox center, University of Minnesota’s director of music therapy Dr. Michael Silverman and colleagues found that the patients who received music therapy via songwriting activities had more motivation and were more ready for treatment, compared with their counterparts who did not receive music therapy. The results were already apparent after just one session.

Many addicts have cognitive impairments that hinder their ability to abstain from alcohol or drugs but another study conducted by University of Miami researchers suggest that music-based cognitive rehabilitation may be helpful in reducing impulsivity, which is associated with high likelihood for relapse.

Music therapy typically involves engaging addicts in music making. Clark said that learning to play a new instrument can help patients find something productive to do with their free time.

Songwriting sessions can help patients process mixed feelings they may have about treatment while joining a drumming circle may benefit individuals suffering from trauma and those who feel uncomfortable to go through verbal therapies.

Music Therapy

Music is a form of creative self-expression that allows people to communicate in non-conventional manner. Many recovering alcoholics and addicts are filled with shame and guilt. They also have years of blockages that make it difficult for them to express themselves.

Music therapy can help them through nostalgic music that allows them to identify and cope with past emotional traumas. Music can also enhance their positivity and self-awareness as well as help with mindfulness and relaxation techniques when they experience feelings of anxiety.

Music For Your Special Event

A guitarist or a pianist performing at a gathering can also affect the emotions and cognition of those who listen. This makes music a great add-on at parties, weddings and other special events. Bialek’s Music has talented musicians who can deliver beautiful music. Contact us today to book singers and musicians who can perform at your next special event.

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