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Music is everywhere. It’s in elevators, integrated into the shows we watch and the programs we listen to on the radio. You can ask Google and Siri to play any type of music your heart desires – no matter how specific it is! Sometimes, we even walk around with music playing in our heads – like the song you can’t stop hearing! Yes, music is an integral part of our lives. So it is not surprising that it is often thought to be an important part of any event from graduations to weddings.

We are consumers of music and it affects our behavior at different events. Interestingly, marketers have known for years that music subconsciously moves people to behave in certain ways. Advertisers use it as a strategy to get us to make purchases we might not otherwise have made.

Research shows that music can make people move faster, linger longer, or alter our perceptions. Fast and loud music causes us to speed up while slow and soft music has the opposite effect. So, if you are planning an event think about how you want people to enjoy it. Do you want them up on their feet and raucous or sitting in small intimate groups?

Also consider what mood you are trying to invoke. Marketers are well aware that music can cause certain emotional reactions. Have you ever watched a show or commercial that caused you to cry thanks to the melodramatic music playing in the background? Have you ever felt a swell of pride when a patriotic song backs up a commercial for the armed services? Then you know how music can help to shape perceptions, moods and events.

It is important to define the style of the event you are planning at the outset. For example, a wedding could include a blend of fast and slow music, either played by a live band or directed by a DJ. Having a black-tie affair? Perhaps a soloist or instrumentalist would best suit the evening.

For all your event planning needs, contact the experts at Bialek’s Music. We have been part of many happy events in the Washington, D.C. area for over twenty years!

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