Music Trends in 2018

Whether or not you follow music trends, they impact what, where, when, and how you see and listen to your favorite artists. This year is no exception; music in 2018 is going into numerous directions. Read on to get the 411 on the top five trends.

1. More Live Performances – Musicians don’t benefit financially very much from music downloads so more of them are taking to the road. Attendance at concerts is booming and that encourages both artists and promoters to book more engagements. One drawback though is higher ticket prices as the demand grows.

2. Surprise Releases – Beyonce started the surprise release trend in 2013 and it’s catching on. The internet provides more freedom and flexibility for artists to control when they drop a new release. In past years, long advance promotional campaigns whipped up interest and anticipation. Now the surprise factor and the desire to be in on the trend drives sales.

3. New Artists Emerging – While mainstream superstars continue to lead the music pack, the high price tags attached to their performances have given way to increased bookings for lesser-known artists. Festivals are one arena where promoters take advantage of new artists to fill out the schedule around the main attractions. It’s a win-win for everyone. Promoters save money and new artists get more exposure and the public samples new musical opportunities.

4. The Popularity of Smaller Venues – Huge stadium concerts and sold-out indoor stages will continue to draw big crowds to see big names, but small venues are starting to increase in popularity. One way small promoters and independent venues can thrive is to team up to bring up-and-comers closer to potential fans. This is another trend that supports new artists competing with well-established, big ticket names.

5. Vinyl Growing – Rumors that vinyl is dead are fading away as more and more music lovers are returning to this format. Vinyl is catching up and surpassing sales of CDs and there’s no sign of this trend slowing down.

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