October Weddings

music,entertainment, party , DJOctober has surpassed June as the most popular month for weddings. Typically, the summer heat is over and the cooler weather makes it the perfect time for an indoor or outdoor wedding. However, it can also make October the most expensive time for a wedding. Here are a few tips and ideas to keep you on budget.

  1. Invitations and Favors. Fall weddings present the perfect opportunity to create non-traditional invitations and favors to make your special day stand out. Mini pies, fudge, or maple syrup candy tied with your invitation guarantee your guests will remember the date of your wedding. If you’re interested in environmentally-friendly invitations, think about organic material such as leaves, pressed flowers, or acorns. Tiny plants in stenciled clay pots with the name and date of your wedding are a great sustainable favor. Share a bit of yourself with your guests. Do you love a locally made jam or bread? Get mini jars of jam and individual loaves of bread. They’re a delicious reminder of a perfect day.
  2. Floral Arrangements. Use the foliage available in your area for centerpieces, bouquets, and other decorations. Depending on where you live, a Saturday stroll through the woods or a hike in the mountains might yield all the foliage you need. Pumpkins, apples, cranberries, gourds, or other organic material are edible options for table decorations. You’re not limited to traditional fall colors – think about the color combinations found in nature. The choices are almost unlimited!
  3. Wedding Cake. Think outside of the box, the cake box that is. Instead of gobs of buttercream and yards of fondant, the new trend is naked cakes. These cakes have just a thin layer of icing around the outside with cake showing through. They can be drizzled with chocolate or caramel and topped with edible flowers or fruit. Another popular pick this fall – pie. Who doesn’t love pie: apple, peach, blueberry, pecan, the choices are endless. If you want a traditional cake-cutting experience, have a small cake for cutting and a pie bar for everyone to enjoy.

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