Part Musician, Part Mechanic

“Some days, I come in here and I can’t believe I’m playing this,” he said. “It’s still vital and living and doing its job, and will be for the next 150 years.” Jared Lamenzo is accustomed to showing off the monstrous instrument that he can talk about it even while to playing a fugue or toccata.

The huge pipe organ in St. Patrick’s Old Cathedral, is in startlingly original condition even though it’s 150 years old. His hands play two separate keyboards and his feet can dance a bass line on the foot pedals with thin leather shoes “they’re my dancing shoes” he says, though it’s more like an angel’s choir.   “It’s a quirk of fate that it still exists; It’s played more than a thousand of masses, weddings and funerals with ensembles and choirs in English, Latin and Spanish.

Mr. Lamenzo started helping his father fix old cars, and also studied piano. While his friends were listening to Bon Jovi he fell in love with the concert organ while studying mechanical engineering while also filled in as an organist at churches in New York City.

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