The Fabulous Pincurl Girls

Imagine The Andrew Sisters, Bette Midler and Lucille Ball all mixed into one Fabulous musical cocktail!

It’s all in the family – 3 charming ladies who are actually related therefore, their voices blend beautifully just as Maxine, Laverne and Patty’s did! Our Pincurl Girls will entertain you with fabulous singing, cute choreography and playful quirky antics. They are a fun and light-hearted addition to any size of our big band options.

Don’t have the budget or space for the entire band but you LOVE the Pincurl Girls and think they would be perfect for your event?

We also have a Fabulous Pincurl Girls Show that comes complete with pre-recorded tracks! It’s great for general session entertainment on a large or small stage, an additional act to an existing line-up, or for an event requiring just 15 to 45 minutes or so of entertainment.




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