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If so, don’t forget the lectern. If you have ever attended an event where an improper pulpit is the centerpiece from which a speech or program is given, then you know how important this single item is! In fact, there is a saying that supports this premise – presentation is everything, and in this case, it begins with the proper stand. Lecterns or podiums come in a variety of types and sizes and are made of a variety of materials with any number of extra features. The goal is to identify the needs of the speaker and then tailor the podium to their presentation.

Think about it. Have you listened to a speaker who is too short and can’t be seen from behind the rostrum? How about a speaker who has to place their notes on a table and they constantly look up and down at the audience while they are referring to their notes? This is completely unacceptable to most audiences and the speaker is sure to be tuned out as a result. This is especially true today when there are so many options available and all come at reasonable costs. Podiums and lecterns can be rented or bought, and if needed, an audio-visual support person can walk the user through the specifics of the specific platform.

The proper podium is essential in delivering a powerful program. Today’s lecterns have become very technologically oriented, allowing the speaker to control a variety of elements including volume, positioning, and even clarity of sound. They may be ‘tied’ to a slide program and include a remote control that will allow the speaker to move about the room while presenting. This frees the speaker from becoming locked in one position although they might find it advantageous to stay in a small space.

The proper podium will offer a presenter the greatest breadth of options to ensure their delivery is flawless. So, if you are planning an event, do not forget to include a line item for lectern. This is often overlooked until the last minute – but may be the focal point of a successful venture.

If you are planning a special event, contact the experts at Bialek’s Music. We are experts on lighting, lecterns and other needs that will make your occasion memorable.

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