Pop Stars Are Younger and “Different”!

Pop music has always been a genre for the young and the “different”. It is a way to create their own individuality as well as to express themselves culturally and sometimes politically as well. Counter-cultures are, by definition, in opposition to what the “establishment” considers as normal, and both it see any connection with each other as a “lost cause”, and eventually the two cultures find some common ground and call a truce and the  new “culture” finds its  “niche” and some cultural common ground.   But often the ground can be rocky!

Breaking traditions and morals is a trademark of music as it is in all arts. Frank Sentra and his “Rat Pack” were like the “Beatles” in the 60’s: new, different and to many a threat to the “establishment”.  Deliberately going to “extremes” and challenging the norm” is a trait and a necessity for all art.

The Beatles and the Rolling Stones were “mavericks”.  Now we have female and even gay groups performing: groups that don’t fit  the all-white, all male and all “strait” models of the 50’s and early 60’s.  Artists like Jana Hunters rock band “Lower Dens” describe themselves as being “gender non-binary artistic”; another  way of saying “We Go Both Way!”

Music has always influenced youth, whether we approve or not.  It leads young soldiers to battle; and to fight racism as support civil rights. Many animals make “music”, but only humans use it for good or evil.  However it is used, music is a powerful tool that mirrors our own values- both good and bad. Music evolves as we evolve.

 It is a tool. And like all tools, they can be used for good purposes or bad.

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