Beginning with the snare drum in 4th grade, Chris has always been playing music and developing a knack for picking up many different instruments. The guitar was always his favorite and he has studied for 17 years on the instrument. Playing in bands from grade school through college, Chris began experimenting with songwriting and other instruments including the piano, organ, various percussion, banjo, mandolin, lap steel, and harmonica.

While writing and performing solo at James Madison University where he graduated minoring in Music Industry and Recording, Chris jammed with many musicians and found his place with his first regional act, Georgia Avenue. The Harrisonburg quartet toured through Virginia, the Mid-Atlantic, and as far as Chicago before heading their separate ways after 3 and half years and 400 shows. Chris took his knowledge of the road and touring and began writing and recording, concentrating on releasing a solo record when he got the invite to audition for the Lloyd Dobler Effect since the sound of the band was changing to focus more on guitars and backing vocals.

In December of 2003, after a 3-hour audition and a next day call back, Chris eagerly moved back to his hometown of Brookeville, MD to join the Lloyd Dobler Effect as a permanent member. With LDE Chris has brought a new approach to song writing and performing, and learned many new styles and has found himself thrown about the country and the world touring and recording music.

As a songwriter Chris explains himself as “always writing songs. It’s what I do, and the years will never change that. I write for myself and for my band, I collaborate and I write in solitude, some songs are just for me, just for someone else, or for everyone to hear. But at the end of the day I will always be writing and performing and if a handful of people find the songs memorable enough and touching enough to come back and see the songs performed or own them on a fixed format, I am thrilled.”

As a performer Chris finds that “there is always a new adventure, a new town, city, or wilderness to explore, a new audience or venue for our music and our show, and always a new approach to an old song. It has always been about the music, but to play music AND entertain is what makes LIVE music exciting, and we (LDE) are a live band. The Rock Show is great, but I also enjoy the contrast of stripping down the music and playing songs acoustically, shedding new light on some rusted old chords and melody.”

When not on the road, Chris spends a majority of his time writing and recording material with LDE, performing acoustic shows with lead singer Phil Kominski and Elizabeth Coyle, and still finds time to stumble over new instruments and record some solo material that he eventually plans to release. A self-proclaimed outdoorsman, Chris spends any vacation time or time off, the rare days that they are, hiking, skiing, bike riding, rock climbing, and exploring around the DC area, and in National Parks across the United States.