Heather came to music via the fashion industry. As the Corporate Fashion Director for Nordstrom, Heather produced designer fashion shows across the country.  Crafting the soundtracks to those shows was one of her most loved parts of the job.

Today fashion events continue to be a specialty.  Taking in the nightlife in great cities was a perk of the job.  Heather originally discovered dance music culture via classic big city clubs, such as the Sound Factory and The Shelter in NY, and Tracks in DC.

Later, yearly trips to Ibiza, Spain, continue to inspire a love of dance music as well as chill out.   In recent years, Heather has been responsible for the musical backdrop to high profile parties.  She has spun in dramatic spaces such as the Air & Space Museum in DC and Grand Central Station in NY.

Attention to detail is key, as her dinner and cocktail soundtracks are as inspired as her dance floor work. Continuing to play gigs in distinguished underground haunts insures her sets remain fresh and relevant. Her style proudly spans genres and blends cultures, with a strong nod to the sun drenched sounds of the Mediterranean, and always embraces the disco roots dance music sprang from.

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