Humbly inspired by the acoustic guitar driven music of who he likes to call the Three J’s (Jack Johnson, Jason Mraz, and John Mayer) Ian Otto Collins brings a little bit of pop, a splash of jazz, and a whole lot of rhythm to his guitar playing and singing. No surprise here though, as he started off his musical career early a classically trained percussionist- eventually playing drum set in one of the state’s top high school big bands (Glenelg), while also holding it down on the tenor drums during marching/football season.

Though he will forever love holding a pair of sticks, he will never forget that moment way back then when the guitar player from his 5th grade garage band came over with a brand new Fender Stratocaster guitar. After eagerly asking if he could give it shot, the rest you could say…is history.

A self taught guitarist, songwriter, and singer, Ian has been entertaining audiences with his smooth yet rough around the edges voice for over a decade now. Covering all styles of music from all decades, many of his friends and fans along the way have said, “No matter what, it always sounds like Ian!”

Around 2010, Ian started working as a Live Accompanist for college level and pre-professional dance programs. He is currently acting as Music Coordinator for the Howard Community College Dance Department/Dance Company, playing music in the classrooms (for both Modern and Ballet technique) while also acting as Sound Designer for the company’s end of semester multi-media productions. While in this position, he has composed pieces for several choreographers over the years and is also starting to collaborate with the theater department’s musical productions.

To every musician, teacher, student, dancer, and lover of music he has met along the way, Ian is incredibly grateful.