This band has a unique advantage over the others. The musicians in Kol Haruach are true and seasoned Rock ā€™nā€™ Rollers, Jazzers and Klezmer players. Because of this, this band plays Rock, Pop, Jazz and Klezmer, all depending on the event, the situation and what the client wants. With that kind of flexibility and all that music available to entertain, they know how to get the party going and rock the house. They know how to read the crowd, get everyone up and dancing and having fun. Your guests will remember your party for years to come, and they will thank you for making it so spectacular!

It has become very common and trendy for the band to be asked to play Rock & Roll and Pop in addition to Klezmer, for at least part of an event. In fact, Kol Haruach performs many engagements where they play their amazing Hora set to begin the reception, yet for most of the party play Rock & Roll and Pop. They are a diverse group, and their clients are amazed at the quality of the music because the band is so good at everything they do! In fact, they are so good at switching it up, they have been mistaken for a cover band on more than one occasion. People are surprised to find one band so seasoned at such a wide repertoire.

If you have an event where you are looking for a complete Jewish theme, or if you want it mixed with Rock and Roll and other styles, the Kol Haruach Band can rock the house in a most exciting fashion!

Do you need a trio, a quartet, a 5-piece band? No problem. In addition to the full band, our Tisch/Bedeken duos or trios can brighten your ceremony or cocktail hour. Kol Haruach is available as 3 – 7 musicians. Call us today to discuss your needs.

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