With a blend of funk, rock, blues, soul, R&B to pop modern tunes of today, Pebble to Pearl is a sonic force. There are no samples here. It’s unreal horn section, slapping bass lines, funky guitar riffs and keys. Dari J pulls it all together with vocals that create thoughts of both Saturday night and Sunday morning.The quintet from northern Virginia can slow it down and give you pure R&B and their strength is when they drive you to your feet with funkified tunes.

Pebble to Pearl Cover Song List

Electrifying rendition of Purple Rain! Amazing performance. So much talent on one stage. Look forward to hearing about more shows.

Pebble to Pearl never ceases to amaze me….close seating allowed me to really view the two sets of keyboards being played wow!…A classically trained pianist, whose fingers were tickling the ivory grain of both sets stunningly, also plays guitar. The vocalist, within moments you can tell is professionally, classically trained. A solid drummer’s smooth control and sense of conviction are felt in his playing. The bass guitarist was amazing as well…an amazing show…that continues to unfold with new originals as well as that beloved “Purple Rain” they do so well. The instrumentals alone can carry the song, but the vocalist playfully waits as the the musicians show their incredibly polished talents which just encourages the crowd… to be tantalized just enough….you can hear them sigh as Dari J takes that mic one more time.