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One of the latest ideas found at many events is the ‘photo booth’. Once thought to have gone the way of dinosaurs, they are fully back in style. This is true despite the fact that the phone has all but replaced the camera as the ‘go-to’ picture-taker. While there can be no argument that today’s cell phones offer ease and fun, both in picture taking and storage, the photo booth remains an ‘event’ eccentricity that adds fun and flair to nearly every occasion.

Today the term ‘photo booth’ may come with the tag ‘social media’. That is how most people think of communication in any form – pictures, words, ideas and more. So setting a social media photo booth strategically in a party, wedding, dance, or other festivity is sure to get the creative juices flowing for most guests. Moreover, the experience can be customized to the occasion where it is located.

What does that mean? Thanks to today’s modern technology, it is possible to send online postcards, link a tweeted message to a picture, or include it on your Facebook page. Even if you choose not to have any of these options as part of the photo booth experience at your event, there is no question that a photo booth encourages friendships and smiles for the many event attendees.

For many businesses, including event planners, this technology has created a boon to their bottom line. While social media may have its detractors, in the right hands it can have a positive impact on your interaction with potential customers. Customizing the technology to allow for a subtle but definite presence at a venue can translate to dollars for your bottom line. Moreover, the goodwill it spreads is difficult to buy – particularly as it resonates from person to person. In the end, that still remains a powerful tool for getting the word out about you and your organization.

Yes, photo booths aren’t what they used to be. Today, they offer an incomparable opportunity to connect with a wide audience and spread goodwill. Don’t we all want to be part of a positive movement? If so, then contact Bialek’s Music. We provide a variety of tools for creating the perfect event – including that all-too-fun photo booth!

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