Social Media as a Tool for Event Promotion

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If you are in any segment of the event industry, then you are aware that there is a whole new medium for promoting events. Yes, social media manipulation is an important component of ensuring that any occasion is well-attended and memorable. In this blog we will review valuable information on harnessing social media as a tool for event promotion.

•         Understand all of today’s most popular social media platforms including but not limited to Facebook and Twitter, Instagram and Reddit, Pinterest and Tumblr, YouTube and Flickr. Learn how to harness them and use them to your advantage for each event you oversee.
•         Consider how to incorporate each of these platforms during the planning stages of an event. That is not to say that you will need or want to pull in every type of social media platform. Choose the ones that are most appropriate for the occasion and have strategies in place that will ensure proper social media exposure.
•         Remember your intended audience. You have two goals with the use of social media – the first is to promote the event on hand and the second is always to reach a broader audience who may become your next customer.
•         Collect and advertise visual testimonials. Turn them into a reel that can play over and over on your website and other social media platforms where you have a presence.
•         Tweet and upload photos of people who are in attendance that reflect the mood and fun of the event.
•         Get a hashtag and use it religiously! You want people to associate your hashtag with your event and be on the lookout for updates.
•         Do not miss an opportunity to promote your current event, your hashtag and your business. Do not overlook traditional opportunities such as collaboration with the Better Business Bureau and Chamber of Commerce.                  It’s all about advertising and connections and marketing is part of any successful business – it’s not an afterthought, but a key tool for growing your company!
•         Create video collages of events, attendees, special moments and more.  In this heavily visual-oriented world use this vehicle for continued promotion. Look for unique shots that will make you stand out in a crowd.

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