Social Media Reminders for Your Event

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Are you planning a wedding, a summer family reunion, or a corporate event? No matter what type of gathering you are organizing, one critical component is the proper use of social media to advertise the upcoming experience – complete with teasers that excite the potential crowd – and responses from attendees who confirm the bash was a crowd-pleaser.

Party-planners are constantly looking to make every celebration stand out from the rest. They may hire DJs or choose from a variety of musical combos that complement the aim of the festivities. For instance, they may bring in a soloist for an evening wedding with the intent of exuding solemnness. A live band might be the best option for an afternoon family gathering.
Event planners work with various services to pull together all the pieces of a great party. They will probably also give the host advice on how to use social media as a final touch. Here are several suggestions that will be useful for any event.
1. Facebook is not just for keeping your family and friends up to date about your comings and goings. Now, many businesses advertise through Facebook. Be sure to learn how to remarket an event to capture the interest of people who may not have responded on the first round. It is also a great way to reach out to distant family members to get them ‘on board’.
2. Technology is easy to use. You can create reels of previous events that show just how much fun your last bash was! What a way to get people interested in coming to the next party! Be sure to get real feedback from attendees. This gives your reel an authentic feel.
3. Create a single hashtag to be used across all social media platforms.
4. Create group posts and pick those that capture the fun of the event and use it for future invites. Create interesting quote overlays that may not be the real words of the speaker but enhance the frivolity of the experience.
5. Don’t forget to get lots of behind the scenes videos. Everyone loves to see what’s happening behind the curtain – it can also show the efforts that went into creating this unique experience.If you are planning a one-of-a-kind experience, contact the entertainment experts at Bialek’s Music to ensure success!

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