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As a talent agency we juggle multiple perspectives in the business. We are constantly looking for new talent that we can support and place. We also try to appeal to the public to select our talent agency to place the right talent for their event. In this blog we are speaking to the talent side of the business.

If you are a musical act of any kind that is in search of a company to collaborate with and grow your presence in the industry, then you should ask the following questions of the prospective talent agencies with whom you interview.
• What experience have you had working with my particular type of talent before? There are a variety of musical groups that compete for work including singers of all genres, instrumentalists across the spectrum of strings, winds, horns and piano and the occasional accordion or bagpipes. How do I measure up as the type of act you have placed before and expect to place in the future?
• What type of pay will I be able to expect? Will it increase as my reputation grows? Unfortunately, there is so much competition in the music industry today that someone somewhere is always willing to work for less. As a result many talent agencies are put in the difficult position of garnering a fair wage for their talent, especially if they are relatively unknown. It takes a while to grow a reputation and the talent must always be sensitive to this. But working for free should never be an option! Why, even street musicians leave a hat out for people to pay for the experience.
• Are you able to provide feedback to my musical presentation and resume? Have you created any other musical sensations in your time in the industry?
And now, some advice for you! Actively seek out ‘gigs’. Do not dismiss any offer outright but consider how it may positively impact ‘where you want to go’ in the music industry.
If you are in the market for a talent agency, Bialek’s Music has an impressive reputation in the area. We would love to collaborate! Contact us today!

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