The Importance of Lighting for Your Special Event

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If you are a professional event planner, or simply organizing an intimate soiree, one of the most important components to consider is the lighting. Lighting provides an ambiance to every occasion and serves as a subtle backdrop that can bring the experience to an all-new level!

Lighting also serves as a segue between stages of an event. For example, perhaps you need lighting for a wedding that will require the elements of drama, nostalgia, and even the presentation of information. As a result, different colors and intensities of lighting might be needed throughout the occasion. This is where a lighting expert comes in. They will be able to explain and demonstrate four of the most important components of lighting that include:

     ·         Illumination. Think of your lighting needs in terms of where the focus should be. If you have a speaker, then perhaps a spotlight should be centered on the individual when they step up to speak. At the same time, the house lights might need to be dimmed to give added attention to the main location.

     ·         Focus. Perhaps you have a singer who will be walking around the audience. Then you will definitely want a light to stay centered on this person as they move about the room. This helps the audience stay focused as well.

     ·         Mood. There is no question that lighting supports whatever tenor the event is trying to convey. Your occasion may be informational or educational, fun and funny, heartwarming or love-filled. Let your lighting professional know the direction of the event and they can help you create the perfect lighting backdrop to subtly deliver your message.

    ·         Overall composition. If you have a flair for art, then this should be familiar to you. Overall composition means the balance that is provided by the setting. If it is too monotone it will come off as boring. However, you don’t need a setting to be too dramatic either. ‘Just right’ is the goal of the lighting.

While lighting is only one element of a special event, it is paramount to the ‘behind the scenes’ work that goes into making the perfect experience.

If you are planning an upcoming event, please contact the lighting experts at Bialek’s Music. We are experienced and expert at creating the perfect lighting background!

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