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When planning an event many hosts will separate the event planning from the music event preparations. That’s because they are two distinct components of an event that fall into distinct categories. They require planners with a different type of experience and expertise.

A music event company will be able to provide the services of a variety of professional musicians either as solo acts or ensembles. Too, they will have access to musicians that specialize in certain types of music such as classical or pop. The aim is to ensure the music supports the tenor and tone of the event whether it is a fancy corporate affair or a laid-back family reunion.
If you are in the market for musicians, bands or a DJ to keep the party going, one important component of the planning process is the creation of a ‘music request list’. What is this? A music request list is a form that names the music genres that are available for play during the event. That may include the ‘before’ and ‘after’ – music that helps to usher in guests as the soiree gets underway, as well as the music that helps wind down the evening and make it memorable without the guests feeling like they are being asked to leave.
Because music is such an important part of any type of gathering, the music request list has become very sophisticated. It asks the host to identify the basic styles of music they prefer. For example, the music request list could have separate options for R & B, Reggae, Country, Soul, Big Band, Pop, Motown, Rap and more. In addition, they may provide the host with an opportunity to identify the decade or decades in which the type of music they are seeking can most commonly be found. For instance, some people like the 40s, others the 60s, 70s or 80s – and others will name multiple decades of music that is preferred.
But a music request list can be even more extensive. Many offer ethnic options such as French or Latin American music. They usually will provide a space where the host or hostess can name specific songs they would like to hear sometime during the event.
Yes, music request lists are an important part of music event planning. For more assistance, contact the talent management experts at Bialek’s Music.

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