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No party is complete without music, and if you want a truly successful party you need the RIGHT music.  You have to know your attendees and what type of music will bring out everyone’s inner party animal.  The folks at Bialek’s Music have a wide variety of different DJs available to rock your party, and Bialek’s Music has the experts to help you pick the right one.

No matter what the event may be, remember that your DJ is going to set the tone for the evening.  It is very important to pick a DJ with a style that is going to fit your function.  If you are throwing a party for your friends that are into Hip Hop, an EDM DJ is probably not the best choice.  The DJs personality is just as important as their style.  The DJ is the manager of the event and they need to be able to keep people entertained without crossing any lines or alienating anyone.  The professionals at Bialek’s Music know the DJs they represent better than anyone, so by having a brief conversation about what you are looking for in a DJ, they will be able to make sure that you get the perfect person running your party.

The DJ needs to be able to interact with the guest both verbally and musically.  They will be the ones slowing things down and speeding them back up again.  The DJ needs to provide the proper energy and emotion to give a positive experience to everyone involved.  The music they play will bring love and happiness to the party, but the DJ has to bring the communication and emotion.

The DJ has to be able to communicate with anyone else who may be working your party.  A good DJ will be able to direct photographers when it is time to focus on the dance floor, or if there is a cake cutting that is ready to be shot.  There is so much more to a good DJ than just spinning music and Bialek’s Music has the perfect DJ for your event, no matter what the event may be.

The DJ controls the flow and momentum of the event, and the perfect DJ will be there to distract and keep the energy positive and lively.  Make sure to reach out to us at Bialek’s Music to have a conversation about exactly what you are looking for in a DJ.  For more information or for booking, please visit

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