The Perfect Summer Soiree

music,entertainment,band,DJSummer is officially in full swing! Warm sunny afternoons and chirping evening crickets all foster the desire to gather with family and friends in celebration. Ensuring that your party is the event of the season is not as difficult as you might think. If you would like to create the perfect summer soiree, just follow these easy suggestions.

  • Choose a theme. The party could be a Hawaiian luau or a tropical festival or anything you deem appropriate. While it doesn’t have to be fancy or elaborate, a theme gives the host and hostess a direction for the event. It also tells the guest what to expect when they arrive. Perhaps they will want to dress appropriately for the occasion. Themes will enhance the overall atmosphere of your special occasion.
  • Pick the date and time and get those invitations out. Always add an RSVP to ensure you can plan properly.
  • Create a timeline and place it where it is visible. Then check it daily so you are not scrambling on the last day to get ready. Choose the foods, drinks, seating, flowers and anything else that will need your specific attention. Check that list regularly and adjust it as necessary. For example, when you have a final guest list, work with a caterer or local grocer to determine how much food will be necessary. Develop your final menu and let your market know well enough in advance so there won’t be any last-minute glitches. Oh, and see if they deliver – that’s a convenience you will be glad you thought of in advance.

Now – how about entertainment? You probably don’t realize there are many options available that will enhance your guests’ enjoyment and make it a party to remember. Would live music help to set the mood? If so, the choices are extensive. There are bands that tailor their choices to everything from jazz to rock to specialty options of your choice. Perhaps you would prefer a DJ who will set up and spin oldies and requests. You might even consider have a live pianist playing in the background – talk about ambiance!

Bialek’s Music has a variety of musical talent to make your event swing. With over 40 years in the business, you can rely on Bialek’s to provide top quality entertainers. Contact us today.

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