The Psychology of Singing

Singing is known to improve our sense of happiness and well-being. Research has found. The activity of singing, whistling or humming is used to improve or to express mood.  “Whistles why you work” is not just a song, it’s a means of making hard, repeatable tasks easy.

The songs that people sing are also likely to be influenced by changes in personal and social closeness.  Increasing evidence suggests that our social connections can play a role in maintaining our health, 

A good social network, for example, can have more health benefits than just giving up smoking. It’s possible that singing can improve health, an overlooked benefit is by being in a social group such as a choir.  Indeed, the rapid social bonding that choirs, singing groups and bands encourage and support social interaction and is a bridge that can link groups and cultures together.

Even if we don’t necessarily talk interact with everyone in our choir, the experience the feeling of being connected with the group, leading to our sense of increased community and belonging.

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