Things to Learn for an Audition

Like going to the dentist an audition is stressful but necessary. Even if you’re comfortable in the spotlight and don’t suffer from stage fright, there’s often a long, arduous process to prepare for them.

There are things that can make an audition enjoyable, or at least lest stressful.

First of all, treat each and every audition like a performance. Approach it like you already have the job.  All you need to do is select an audition song that best shows you talent.  

How do you choose the right song?

Here are  things to look for in an audition song:

YOUR VOICE TYPE: Choice a you best song, and try to make it one that is the same style of the  band or musical your auditioning for. If in debt, always use you best song that best shows your voice and range.

THE TYPE OF AUDITION: Is it for a Musical, Opera, or for a nightclub band?  Each will be looking not just for you singing voice but for Musical and Opera “Style”.  Stage presence and acting talent are other criteria, as well as how well you fit in with the band and other performers.

This means that PERSONALITY AND STYLE will be as  important an element in the decision! as your voice.  In an audition, Your “poise” as personality as a performer will be almost as important as your voice.

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