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So you have decided that you would like a live band to provide music for your event. That is fantastic! It is also the easiest part of the process. Picking a band can be a challenge if you do not already know right away what band you want to use. You can go through the process of researching band after band, hunting down samples of their music and seeing them all perform live, or you can contact Bialek’s Music and let one of our experts walk you through the process.

Bialek’s Music represents different types of bands for any taste or occasion, not just your traditional wedding bands. If you are planning for a wedding or large party, than a larger band may be the way to go. Bialek’s Music offers the services of over a hundred bands that play all types of music. If you want a traditional cover band, big band, a Latin ensemble, a swing band, country, or hard rock, Bialek’s Music has someone that is perfect for you. If you are looking for something a little bit more subdued or want to go with an instrumental route, there are a number of jazz bands and string quartets to choose from.

I used to work in the restaurant business, and every weekend our owner would bring live music into the bar, but there was no stage and nowhere near enough room for an entire band to fit. He utilized a company like Bialek’s Music to send in musicians who were appropriate for our space, and when someone was sent that really got the crowd going, he knew where to go to get that person to come back regularly. Bialek’s Music can provide from a selection of over thirty guitar players to fill your small space with the sounds of a big band with ease. Even if you do not have limited space, sometimes one person with an acoustic guitar gets the job done perfectly. Pianists are perfect for a classy, understated music background that is not meant to be the center of attention; Bialek’s Music represents more than twenty accomplished pianists.

Whatever your budget, whatever your taste, and whatever your venue may be, Bialek’s Music has the right musicians to provide music that your guests will enjoy. For more information or for booking, please reach out to us at bialeksmusic.com for all your event planning needs.

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