Why Choose Live Music for an Event?

If you are trying to decide whether to have live music at an event you are planning here are some reasons to consider this option.

• There are soloists and groups to fit any occasion. You can choose from the breadth of music genres and playing expertise. From guitarists to pianists, and solo singers to choirs, live music makes every event feel more special and memorable.
• Live performances tend to be more entertaining and draw a crowd. Musical aptitude is a skill that is admired and envied by many. As a result, when people have a chance to watch someone play an instrument live they are often drawn to watch and find the experience infinitely more entertaining than recorded music.
• Live music tends to enhance the aura of an event. It resonates as real and authentic.
• Due to the highly competitive nature of talent the costs for live entertainment are much more affordable than you might imagine. What good is a talent that you are trying to make a living at if you price yourself out of the market? That is the mindset of most musicians today so keep that in mind when you are planning the talent and music portion of your special event.
• Many music acts now incorporate technology that creates a ‘larger-than-life’ musical experience. Through the use of video equipment, cameras, mixers, lights and other display equipment the music can be made to resonate and pulse or become the subtle heartbeat of a party. In fact, many music acts are now able to provide a vacillating music experience that will take the listener through a variety of moods.
However, keep the following advice in mind as well.
• Determine the size of the group that will fit the event. If you are having a backyard party then a full band would not be sensible. Conversely, if you are intending to fill a hall with people the music act should be able to accommodate the event.
• Double check with the venue about what types of musical acts are permissible and what accommodations the venue provides. For instance, do they have a stage or can one be set up? Do they have lighting? Sound equipment? What is the cost for each request?
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