Why We Love Music

Not many people pause to think about how music affects their lives on a daily basis but most will agree that music is a powerful force in their lives. Here are five of the reasons why people love music:

Music Helps You Express Your Feelings

There appears to be a song for every emotion. Singers and composers create music from what they feel. They write songs that tell how they got upset the other day or how inspired they are. There is music that can cheer you up and other pieces that can express the loneliness or grief that you feel. 

Music Motivates You

People like to listen to music when they work out to motivate them to push through the physical pain. Students also listen to music to motivate them to study. A song can help push you to your limit and bring you to a new level of achievement.

Music Can Bring Back Memories

There are songs that can bring back a flood of memories. Some songs have the power to remind you of the past, good or bad. Memories stimulated by music often come from emotional times in our lives. An old song from a decade ago can remind you of your friends and experiences in college. Some songs remind you of the people who used to be part of your life.

Music Heals

Music can heal. Music does not just make you feel emotionally better. Scientific evidence also shows that some music can help expedite physical healing. Music therapy is now used to reduce stress and as a special form of therapy for people suffering from Alzheimer’s Disease. Dementia sufferers have problems with their memory but music can help bring back some special moments of their lives that they have forgotten.

Music Bonds People Together

If you go to places where people meet, chances are there is always music playing. Music is played in social gatherings because that is what music does, it creates good vibes and brings people together.

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