Dom Petrellese

GUITARIST DOM PETRELLESEAbout the ArtistGet Pricing and Availability Dom Petrellese is a professional guitarist, educator, arranger, and booking agent based [...]

Guitarist Cristian Perez

GUITARIST CRISTIAN PEREZAbout the ArtistGet Pricing and Availability Cristian began taking piano lessons at the age of 5, but did [...]

Tyler Fitzpatrick

GUITARIST TYLER FITZPATRICKAbout the ArtistGet Pricing and Availability Guitarist Tyler Fitzpatrick first fell in love with the guitar at age [...]

Chris Bruno

GUITARIST CHRIS BRUNOAbout the ArtistGet Pricing and Availability Chris is a singer, songwriter, and guitar player from the Washington D.C. [...]

Guitar Vocalist Sharif

GUITAR VOCALIST SHARIFAbout the ArtistGet Pricing and Availability Sharif - who is currently earning his Masters at the Berklee College [...]

Guitarist Andy Branigan

GUITARIST ANDY BRANIGANAbout the ArtistGet Pricing and Availability Andy Branigan is the front/main singer in one of the hottest bands [...]

Eli Lev

GUITARIST ELI LEVAbout the ArtistGet Pricing and Availability Now based in Washington DC, Eli Lev has been traveling the globe for [...]

Brent Peterson

GUITARIST BRENT PETERSONAbout the ArtistGet Pricing and Availability Keeping it simple and soulful, Brent Peterson combines rock, country, reggae and [...]

Brian Weber

GUITARIST BRIAN WEBERAbout the ArtistGet Pricing and Availability I’m a Washington, DC area based musician, DJ and instructor. I play [...]

Ken Wenzel

GUITARIST KEN WENZELAbout the ArtistSong ListGet Pricing and Availability Illinois-born Ken Wenzel is a study in contradictions: a guitarist who [...]

David Andrew Smith

After studying music composition and performance at Salisbury University, Smith migrated from the small-town atmosphere of his youth on the […]

Charlie Hodgson

Charlie Hodgson Song List Charlie Hodgson has been in love with music ever since he began teaching himself to play […]

Billy T Wilde

BILLY T WILDE Cover Song List   Currently hailing from our Nation’s Capital, Billy “T” Wilde is an American live […]

Peter Fields

Peter Fields  has captivated audiences in the U.S. and Europe with his mastery of diverse musical styles and unique approach […]

Guitarist Michael Bard

GUITARIST MICHAEL BARDAbout the ArtistGet Pricing and Availability Michael is an active musician, composer and teacher who resides near Washington, D.C. [...]

Guitarist Erik Sharar

GUITARIST ERIKAbout the ArtistGet Pricing and Availability Erik is currently pursuing a Master's degree in guitar at Peabody Conservatory. He [...]

Guitarist Dan

GUITARIST DANAbout the ArtistGet Pricing and Availability Dan Barry is a singer-songwriter who blends influences of rock, jazz, folk, and [...]

Ciaran Guitar & Violin Duo

Straight from Ireland, Ciaran Quinn offers an exciting and dynamic sound with his guitar/violin Duo. Drawing from Celtic, rock, and […]

Jennifer Twombley

Jennifer Twombley is only the 3rd female guitarist to graduate from the world-famous Berklee School of Music in Boston.She received […]

Dan McGuire

Using a set list that spans 5 decades and a wide vocal range, Dan McGuire has the ability to transcend […]

Guitarist Terry Mettam

Terry Mettam is a Washington DC-based guitarist, singer and songwriter with album credits with Brittany Spears, The Frey, and several […]

Guitarist Ricardo Marlow

As a young child, Ricardo (Richard) Marlow was introduced to the guitar by his father, the eminent classical guitarist John […]

Eric Waters

Download songlist here Guitarist Eric Waters graduated from George Mason University, receiving a Bachelor of Music Degree with a concentration […]

Garrett Gleason

Garrett Gleason is an American guitarist, pianist, performer and songwriter. Raised in Massachusetts, he had music training in his youth […]

Ian Collins

Humbly inspired by the acoustic guitar driven music of who he likes to call the Three J’s (Jack Johnson, Jason […]

Mike Hauser

MIKE HAUSERAbout the ArtistGet Pricing and Availability After opening for 2 Chainz and participating on American Idol, Mike Hauser has [...]