After attending countless weddings and Bar Mitzvahs as a guest (and realizing that there was a cookie-cutter sameness to each and every one), Michael Pasternak and his fiancé, Ilisa, faced a dilemma…

Although Michael’s production company had a worldwide reputation for creating some of the most memorable and exciting sales meetings and awards dinners in the industry, how could he make his own upcoming wedding unique? Michael and his soon-to-be bride had planned a very contemporary affair, but they both felt the need to add a touch of tradition, something reminiscent of the Old Country. Michael asked himself, “How incredible would it be if, as a prelude to the hora, there was a surprise appearance of BOTTLE DANCERS?”

Well, there was. It was the highlight of a spectacular, wonderful and romantic evening. Word got out, and he was soon inundated with calls not only from many of the guests who had attended, but from others who had heard, and wanted that magic for their own celebrations. THE AMAZING BOTTLE DANCERS were born. While all of our performances are not Orthodox, Michael hails from a long line of Orthodox Rabbis and Chazzans. His great grandfather was Rabbi Nathan (Nachum) Wechsler. Michael’s grandfather and uncle — Cantor Max Wechsler and Cantor Sol Wechsler, both of whom were Modern Orthodox — were renowned in Brooklyn, and up-and-down the entire eastern seaboard.

Having been founded by someone with such a rich family history, we are certainly aware that if you are planning an ORTHODOX simcha, you may be having a mechitzah, or perhaps just a “ceremonial” separation of the dancing for men and women (such as a few strategically-placed potted plants or trees). And our performers, of course, are fully aware that they must not extend a hand to any of the women in attendance.

Additionally, if you’re planning a kiddush luncheon following your Bar or Bat Mitzvah and will not be having recorded music, we can discuss a program featuring a capella singers.

At the many Orthodox weddings at which we’ve had the privilege of performing, we have created the most impact by kicking off the second round of dancing. the first dance set of course has the chussen and kallah making their grand entrance followed by a full 40 to 45 minute hora. Then after the entree, the surprise appearance of The Amazing Bottle Dancers is a wonderful and surprising way to introduce the second round of dancing, as our program leads right into another incredible hora!