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Bhagwan Khalsa, was born in Baltimore, MD. He grew up in DC and Virginia until the age of 12, when he left the states to spend four years of his life in India. After graduating from high school abroad, Bhagwan returned to the DC area where he started his music career.

Soon after returning to the US, Bhagwan picked up the electric bass and began collaborating with a local heavy metal band called Tipper Gore. This led to a more studied approach to music at the Grove School of Music in Los Angeles. It was here Bhagwan graduated from heavy-metal, learning the difference between major and minor scales as well as more sophisticated material such as chords and arpeggios. 🙂 What Ozzy’s world lost, the high seas gained. Armed with his new-found theory, he landed a gig on a cruise ship in Hawaii playing ‘Aloha Oi’ and the occasional cha-cha. This experience laid the foundation of the musical relationship that produced B&B Music World. Brad Clements, soon to be the other “B”, played trumpet on the same band stand.

After a year at sea, Bhagwan and Brad returned to the District. Bhagwan quickly made a name for himself playing with all the local jazz cats and some notables such as saxophonists Sonny Fortune, Gary Thomas, Cecil Payne, David “Fathead” Newman, Arthur Blythe, Buck Hill, guitarist Mike Stern, vocalists Giacomo Gates and Kenny Washington, as well as pianists Kenny Drew Jr. and Eric Byrd. Bhagwan is currently a member of the Eric Byrd Trio, which has traveled extensively around the globe, performing and teaching music. The trio had the opportunity to travel under the auspices of the US State Department as Jazz Ambassadors in 2001. Their tour commenced on September 7th, 2001 and was in Manisales, Columbia on September 11th.

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1. Let The Good Times Roll
2. Them That Got
3. Come Rain or Come Shine
4. I’ve Got News For You
5. Get On The Right Track Baby
6. Baby, It’s Cold Outside
7. Don’t Let The Sun Catch You Crying
8. I Want a Little Girl
9. Watch Them Dogs
10. Baby, Won’t You Please Come Home
11. You Don’t Know Me