Founded in 2010 by bassist, Daniel Gallagher and Guitarist Josh Earls; Chasing Autumn started out under the name “Sullivan”. Sullivan played acoustic duet style songs and quickly moved on to more elaborate songs, adding vocals and more instruments. In 2011, they changed their name to Oceanline and added drummer, Ethan Caldwell. They have released 5 studio albums under this name. In 2013, preceding the release of their 3rd album “Northern Lights” the band saw the addition of singer, Logan Harpine. With this lineup, the band released two more albums, a Folk influenced EP titled “It’s Alright”, and an extensive 19 song full album titled “New Beginnings”. Logan recently enlisted in the military and Ethan pursues studies out west. Chasing Autumn wishes them the best in their endeavors. In 2017 they changed their name from Oceanlie to the current name “Chasing Autumn”. New additions to the band lineup include drummer Danny Halpren (Drums) and Sam Lister (Vocals). The band continues to write and record original music, as well as playing a variety of events with their extensive cover list. They hope to release another full length album in late 2018.

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