When an event calls for a DJ, what is the #1 criteria most clients look for? Quite simply, great, appropriate music selected (in close consultation with you) by a DJ that has unparalleled knowledge of popular and less well known music from every conceivable style, from every era and from every part of the world. When music is the crucial reason for you – David Battey is the DJ of choice.

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Drawing on over 18 years of DJ experience and one of the largest music libraries in the business, my personal collection has tens of thousands of songs in my playlist.  I will create a unique musical mix to reflect your tastes and those of your guests. “I pre-plan with a client as much as they’d like” says David, “but a great DJ has to be completely attuned to their audience and have a sixth sense of when and how to take the party to the next level. That’s where the experience of playing to 2000 audiences over the past two decades is irreplaceable. DJ’ing is not ‘playing by numbers’, it’s an instinctive art.”

Being an audio as well as music perfectionist, David brings only the finest equipment to your event – a Mackie 14 channel mixing board, two wireless Shure UHF microphones, a QSC power amp and EAW or Electro-Voice speakers. Additional equipment is available as needed (David has DJ’ed for audiences as large as 8000).

“There used to be an ad campaign for 7-up as the ‘Un-Cola’. Most of my clients choose me because I am the Un-DJ: less talk, less ‘schlock’ and more get-you-out-on-the-dance-floor great music than they’ve ever heard from a DJ. That’s my goal everytime I power up. Most of your guests will never remember the menu at your event but they will remember whether the music rocked their world. Let’s talk about your vision of a great party!”

When clients ask for much more than the obvious Top 40 DJ’ing, David Battey is the obvious choice. Book early, some clients have been booking David for the past 14 consecutive years! Besides DJ’ing, David also does soundwork (sound reinforcement, recording and CD mastering) for conferences, outdoor events and several public interest groups.