“Dead Cat Bounce Is one of the D.C. area’s most exciting bands, filling every venue they play to capacity. DCB’s members are seasoned professionals from across the country, influenced by the driving blues of Austin Texas , New Orleans funk and the cool jazz sounds of New York City. DCB’s hard driving, high energy fusion of Blues / Rock / Funk / Jazz will have you up on your feet dancing and singing along to music you know as well as music you will want to know. ”
Dead Cat Bounce performs regularly at several venues throughout the Mid Atlantic and D.C. metro area with new shows being added all the time.Check our schedule often to see when and where.


“DEAD CAT BOUNCE is nothing short of amazing. We were enthralled by the amount and variety of musical genres that they performed with clarity and musicianship. This ensemble from Virginia is a class act that you definitely must see.” Ed O. Gaithersburg, Md.

“DEAD CAT BOUNCE is the whole package with a great stage show, an amazing artistic mix of showmanship, musicianship and dynamic vocals. We loved hearing the bands mix of progressive jazz / funk fused interpretations of blues and classic rock songs.” Patrick S. Alexandria, Va.

DEAD CAT BOUNCE is a Must See band. If you’ve never heard these guys live then you haven’t lived a FULL life. A must see band live. Everyone of these guys are over pouring with raw talent. I say this as a musician myself that knows real talent when I hear or see it. Tim H, Shenandoah,Va

Dead Cat Bounce is AWESOME ! Thanks for a great show at Uptown Alley tonight in Manassas! Awesome music and we loved that you chatted with people during the breaks and were out and about during the sets! We will come see you again! Susan W. Manassas, Va.