Gabriel Wallace began his professional career as a saxophonist at the age of 16 years old, performing with various groups around Southwest Florida. Gaining firm roots in rock and blues music, Wallace soon gravitated toward the jazz idiom. He began performing regularly with jazz bands such as the Danny Sinoff Quartet, The Blues and Truth Sextet, The Vanguard Quartet lead by Paul Gavin, and the Stardust Memories Big Band of Southwest Florida. He relocated to the DMV in April of 2018 and has been well received by the Jazz community.

Since his arrival, Wallace has found himself sharing the band stand with jazz greats such as Allyn Johnson, Fred Foss, Tedd Baker and Thad Wilson. He has become a regular member of the Twins Jazz orchestra as an alto saxophonist and a reed doubler in the band Sea Change lead by bassist Steve Arnold. In September of 2018 he spent a four week long engagement with the World Famous Glenn Miller Orchestra, touring around the United States playing baritone saxophone and doubling on woodwinds.