I’ve been a band leader, accompanist and vocalist for 30 years, but playing solo piano is my favorite musical activity, and probably my greatest strength. I love to entertain people and make them feel good when they’re at a party or event.

I’ve played for literally hundreds of cocktail hours and dinner parties, and I generally get rave reviews. One reason is that I love good melodies, as best represented by the wonderful tunes of the Great American Songbook. This is the collection of standard songs written between 1920 and 1960 by the likes of Cole Porter, the Gershwins, and Rogers and Hart. These tunes are the core of my repertoire.

When I’m asked to perform background music for a party or event, I understand that it’s my job to add a touch of elegance without interfering with conversation. I play with energy and flare, but not with loudness.

I also understand the importance of logistics. With my years of experience, I know how to get in and out of a venue or residence with the least possible disruption.

If you already have a piano that I can use, great. But I usually bring my own keyboard, which is always in tune (and has a volume knob!). If you would like a more full sound, I can hire my bass player and/or drummer to perform with me as a duo or trio.