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New Monopoly has spent many years refining its professional musical and visual production since 1999.  We made the decision long ago to offer only one package–our best presentation–every time!  We offer the same, cutting edge sound system, lighting, staging, and support for all dates, all core members of the group are full-time New Monopoly players (most have been with us for over ten years) – we are not simply one or two guys that hire different substitute musicians for every job and hope it goes well.  (Unfortunately, that has become all too common these days, resulting in some lackluster reviews for bands.  We are the same confident, tightly rehearsed, professional unit every job – you don’t deserve less when buying premium entertainment.)

Additionally, we offer as a no-charge option, a full moving head intelligent lighting system (a luxury system used by all big name concert acts in the country).  This will provide dramatic dance floor and stage effects for those parties not desiring to hire a separate lighting company, thereby eliminating an extra expense.

The one thing that cannot be represented here is our commitment to work closely with your party planner/event coordinator/caterer.  We come to your event ready to make it the most memorable it can be.  One of our staff members is devoted specifically to interfacing with other service providers so that you can concentrate on enjoying your day without worrying about any behind the scenes details. In other words… a premium black tie group that understands what is takes to execute a black tie event.

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[box e=”More Information”]Our song list is always being updated and sometimes it is difficult to identify the new songs we have to offer.  Therefore, we have compiled this listing of new available tunes to assist you in your choices.

All “First Dance” and special requests MUST be received 90 Days* prior to engagement date.
Each engagement will carry a maximum of one song not on our existing list.

Typically, 90 days is the time it takes to order an arrangement and receive it back, rehearse the song, and have it sounding up to our standards for your first dance.  Our arranger is typically has 60-75 days worth of material on his desk at any given time, so advance notice of any new song is critical.  We are different from other groups – you hear on stage has been carefully arranged with each member specifically in mind – we don’t simply throw songs together – everything is carefully planned, thought-out, and orchestrated to taken advantage of every members specific talents.

What Makes New Monopoly So Special?

    1. Unlike most groups – we sound as good live – if not better – than our demo material.  Skeptical? Please feel free to check our letters of recommendation, or speak to former clients.  Please feel free to come see us live.  What we can’t represent, though, is the energy a live group brings to a party and how that energy makes it’s way into every part of your event.
    2. We have the entire package – a fun, engaging stage presence, plus a huge song list representing great variety and scope.
    3. We are one of the few groups who can perform in an entire era, or decade, for an entire evening without straying.  For instance, we can easily perform an 80’s only evening, perfect for class reunions, theme weddings, etc.  Same with a 50’s,60’s/Motown evening, a 70’s evening, or an evening of only recent hits.  (Our most popular request is for an 80’s theme, but the group sounds, looks, and feels equally at home in whatever era we are performing.  We are the ultimate musical chameleons.)
    4. We have a core of top notch professionals at the core of our group, most of whom have been with us over a decade.  7 lead vocalists, 2 female singers, 3 guitar players, 4 horn players, 3 flute players, 3 keyboard players, and more…  Everyone uses top notch current equipment and, where possible, cutting edge touring-grade wireless technology.
    5. All of our material is custom arranged specifically for New Monopoly with astounding attention to detail, and tailored to our performers.  Many clients have listened in disbelief that the group sounds so close to the original recordings.  We do not use traditional paper music books – all performers are networked with iPads, providing access to a huge library in a small (and neat) space.
    6. Our premium sound system, owned and operated by our staff and not outsourced to a third party sound company, assures we can provide a consistently superior listening experience in any size room.  While every room may not be ideal, we have the expertise to make the group sound it’s best in any situation.
    7. Our 12 unit Martin intelligent lighting system is a cut above what many independent lighting companies would provide at great expense – at no additional cost to you.  When designing this system, not just sound, but safety was fully taken into account.  Our sound AND lighting systems are completely hanging stand and truss-free.  We do not “fly” any of our equipment, and none of our equipment extends beyond the stage.  Our front of house control is handled wirelessly to eliminate dangerous wires running around the room.
    8. Given our investment in superior technology – we require a smaller footprint than you would ever expect of an 8 piece group.  Therefore, we (can be) the smallest 8 piece group you will likely find.
    9. While it may sound like, because we have so much technology, you will be paying more for the equipment than for quality performers.  The opposite is true.  We bought the right equipment, the first time, and have purchased appropriate new technology as it become available in order to make our job easier.  This is our living – a full time professional endeavor.  We incorporated in 2000 and have kept up with the times, each year making upgrades until we reached the untouchable sound, lighting, and support system we own now.  We don’t have the additional cost of hiring a sound company, light company, etc. – that helps keep our pricing far more reasonable than a group, similarly outfitted, that must rent their equipment every job.[/box]

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“The New Monopoly is as good as a band can be. Their ability to perform all styles of music from Glenn Miller to now is amazing.”

“Throughout the night and during the weeks following the wedding, we received many compliments on the band – their energy, great sound and engaging performance. We both believe that the the New Monopoly was the key in taking our event from a traditional reception to an unforgettable evening.”

“The first time I’ve heard a live band that actually captures the sound of original records, plus you added a TON of energy. You guys sounded great doing 50’s, 80’s & everything in-between!”

“Some people expect a wedding band to be the backdrop for their reception, but the New Monopoly goes far beyond that and creates a dynamic atmosphere with and interactive experience that will keep your guests talking for days!”

“The band exceeded our expectations. The dance floor was crowded to capacity throughout the evening… Everyone kept complimenting us on what a great band we had hired. We would recommend them in a heartbeat to anyone planning an evening with live music and/or dancing.”

“To be honest, having seen only a videotape of the New Monopoly prior to the wedding, the music was the biggest unknown heading into the reception. Well, you all exceeded all of our expectations and blew us away. Within just a few minutes I could tell that it was going to be great.” ” Never have I been to an event where the dance floor was filled from beginning to the end until our daughter’s wedding, where everyone danced. …You made the night spectacular & fun. We are very grateful. I still am hearing the songs in my head.”

“They played a perfect mix of songs that guests of all ages enjoyed. The dance floor was packed the entire night – including my 89 year old grandmother who danced the night away and even joined the conga line.”

“The band was absolutely outstanding. They had everybody up dancing for 4 hours. I was astonished at their ability to play everything from Bobby Darin to hip-hop and everything, including a Stones medley. They made the wedding fabulous.”

“If I had to do it all again, there is no doubt that I would book the New Monopoly again in a heartbeat. I just cannot say enough how pleased we were.””I wanted to thank you and all the member of the New Monopoly for making our wedding reception the best it could be. A band can definitely make or break a party. And, no one that I have spoken with since the wedding has failed to tell me how fun the reception was and how especially awesome the band was.”

“The New Monopoly did a perfect job playing continuous music all evening and only played the songs I selected. Everyone from age thirteen to sixty was up and dancing the entire night. The band surprised me by learning and laying a song I mentioned to Justin in passing that was not on their list. I highly recommend.”

“They were truly professional. We had many, many compliments on this band. Our Executive Assistant told us how accommodating this band was with our musical requests and how pleasant it was to work with them in planning this event.”

“Since the wedding, the number one compliment we hear from guests has been ‘your band was amazing!’ People who just stayed on the terrace outside have repeatedly said how much they enjoyed New Monopoly’s style, sound and song selection.”