An Orchestra of One

“Vangelis”. If you don’t know his name, you know his music.  He won an Academy Award for his original score for Chariots Of Fire, a film remembered as much for its music as its theme. He also composed original scores for Blade Runner and Carl Sagan’s PBS series Cosmos. His music has often been described as “out of the world” and his trademark is the use of synthesizers to get that “out the world” feeling.

Synthesizers are electronic machines that ad are used both in music and for reproducing speech. They hardly look “out of this world” themselves. Synthesizers look like small  pianos, but they’re  much more than just a “piano”. A synthesizer can play not just about any instrument in the orchestra but any instrument or sound you could possibly imagine. as well as ! Synthesizers have radically changed popular music since they were first used in the early 1970s.  Hardly a pop record is made these days without featuring an electronic keyboard of some kind.

A synthesizer is an electronic keyboard that can copy and generate virtually any kind of sound,  and not just musical sounds, synthesizers can be programed  to mimic not only  traditional instruments, but create new “out of this world”  sounds like  the crunch of an astronaut’s boot   on the surface of Mars.

Synthesize means: to make something new, by putting together existing pieces. So a synthesizer makes new sounds by piecing together “old” sounds.  

In other words: With a synthesizer, anyone can create an orchestra or a train wreck!”  

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