Charlie Hodgson Song List

Charlie Hodgson has been in love with music ever since he began teaching himself to
play guitar at the age of 13. In the 20 years since then, he has found numerous outlets
for his vocal and instrumental talents through an array of original and cover projects.
From writing stripped-down acoustic originals to fronting a full-blown 90’s cover band,
Charlie has found that each new project has allowed him to expand his vocal range and
fine-tune his guitar skills. And while he continues to enjoy these outlets for his
creativity, he has recently built a name for himself playing covers in the area.
Specializing in a variety of pop and rock music, Charlie has played countless shows,
cocktail hours, and private parties, delivering requests and making memories with his
audience. There isn’t much in life that Charlie enjoys more than playing people their
favorite songs while they sing along. If the crowd isn’t happy, neither is Charlie.
Armed with a drive to entertain and an extensive catalog of songs from a variety of
artists and genres, Charlie will work hard to personalize each set he performs to make
your event an unforgettable one.