Anne Book

Good evening Ray-
  I cannot thank you enough for getting back to me so quickly and for sending such a generous option for Erin’s wedding.  You have been one of the best memories and most supportive people in my career.  Your smiling face helped me when I was just an eager little rooms sales person at the DoubleTree and I feel like you have always been there every step of the way.  I remember my first day at The Shoreham, you called and said “you’re in the big time now kiddo”.  When I arrived at RCDC you said you were so happy for me and proud.  I remember all of these moments and am so grateful that we still work together and get to be in touch.
  Again, love and thanks. You and Ricki and the girls have always treated me with such genuine kindness and I am so grateful.
Anne Book; Number 1 Party Planner in D.C.

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