A Different New Year’s Celebration

The traditional New Year’s Party seems mostly to be drinking, eating and passing time while waiting for the Big Ball to drop. Maybe it’s time to make that New Years Eve tradition a bit less “traditional”.

Interactive food!  Rather preparing the food, why not make the kitchen the hub of the party by planning a menu that encourages guest involvement? Plan some easy meals that require several steps and ingredients so everyone can be involved in the preparation. Homemade pizza is a good choice:  prepare several ingredients and crust types and have your guests build the pizzas as a team. Play some music, have a sing-along and tell jokes or chat as they create their pizzas.

Another option is having your guests help prepare shish kabob or vegetable skewers, or maybe host a “tossed salad party” where they can make their own salad combinations from a choice of dressings, veggies and ingredients. Give it a party atmosphere with music and conversation, and then enjoying the results will make a fun and memorable event.

Build a Bonfire. Who doesn’t love sitting around a fire, relaxing with drinks, snacks and finger food, stories and songs while waiting for the fireworks? A Bonfire is a natural place to watch fireworks outside, because it provides both light and warmth in cold weather, and is a natural place to sing and tell stories like you did as a kid at summer camp.

Movie Night. Rent some of the best new releases or old classics.  Start the party early so you can watch several before the fireworks start.  The New years “Movie night” can become a monthly tradition. Choose themes for “movie night” or take turns choosing the movie to watch. Also, set up tables to play card games, Risk or Monopoly as an alternative.


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