A Party for Two

Sometimes married couples, especially ones with large families, careers, responsibilities and busy work schedules, don’t seem to have a lot of time for each other. That’s the best way to take the love, companionship and fun out of a marriage. Married couples need to find time to be together again, free from the pressures and responsibilities of work and family life.

Anniversaries are an obvious time to renew the relationship by taking a second honeymoon; but often,  work and family responsibilities dictate that there is no time or opportunity to take a long vacation. A couple can at least take a weekend, a day, or just an evening  alone together to relive the times when you were dating or honeymooning.

Why is this important?  Change is vital for humans and relationships. While familiarity and routine may not always breed contempt, it may prevent couples from reconnecting to what attracted them to each other in the first place. As much as we are committed to our jobs and family, couples still need time together once in a while.  A “vacation” from those  routines responsibilities is necessary.

Try to find at least one evening where you and your spouse can take a night out together.  Have a date!  Go out to dinner, dancing, a concert or movie. Leave the kids at grandma and grandpa’s house or with a trusted sitter.  Forget about work, the bills, the laundry, and that you need to paint the house. Dedicate some time to yourselves; even successful marriages need to rekindle the romance once in a while.

Most, if not all, marital problems can be fixed by rediscovering what attracted you to each other in the first place. Time together can restart the romance; solidify a relationship, and make good relationships even better.

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