Always Fun at Sesma !

Always Fun at Sesma !

The Sesma always fun Casino Night at Top of The Town featured great views of the city & guests having fun. Thank you Kate Markhan & staff at Top of The Town, for use of your awesome venue. Main Event Catering put out a great display of food & libations & thank you Michael Jasser of Marc Park Valet for taking care of our cars & not making us walk very far.

                                                       Heidi Berger (of AFR) & Marsha Mettger of RSVP Catering
                                                             Purple Onion Catering & Sequoia all represented
                                                                              I ♥ Joannie & Purple Onions
                                                  Tom from Suburban Video & Jenny from Main Event Catering
                                                                  I’m bigger than the Washington Monument
                                                         Katherine Farley of Oatlands Plantation with Marsha
                                                                               Jodie & Thy from EVOKE
                                                                    They are cute enough to get two pictures
                                                                 EVOKE girls with Andrea from Main Event
                                                     Sponsers Nancy Goodman of Main Event & Kate from Top of The Town
                                                                             I am a big fan of EVOKE
                                                            Me with Andrea Falletti of Main Event Caterers
                                                      Cara Lanza of the National Press Club gambling
                                                            with David Berndt of Destination DC

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