Are Punk and Heavy Metal Ever Appropriate at an Event?

Sure they are!  Just not for every event,  While Punk or Heavy Metal might be your favourite music,  if you are planning an event, it is important to consider who else will be there and what music makes them  feel  good.  A full evening of Punk and Metal will make most of your guests suddenly realize that have an important appointment they ”just remembered”.

Even if it’s your own wedding, and you are a Heavy Metal fanatic, if your Grandmother will be there and she likes Frank Sinatra, you might not want to blow her socks off with nonstop Megadeth.


You need to realize that Punk And Heavy Metal are not “mainstream” music, and a party is not the place to indoctrinate them .

The best type of music for an event depends entirely on the kind of an event it is and who will be there. Music sets the tone, and is the material of memories. If you select the wrong music for the occasion, your event might be memorable for the wrong reasons.

There is a lot to planning an event and picking the right band and music is a choice that will either make, or break, your event. Live music at an event will play a big role in how people feel, how much they enjoy themselves and what they take away with them when it ver.

Letting a professional event planner handle the music at your event makes sense. Event professionals have experience and inside knowledge to help you decide if Heavy Metal and Punk or Handel and Prokofiev would be the best fit for what you have planned. Probably somewhere between the two!

A good event planner will listen to your ideas and desires to know  what kind of event you envision and then work with you to pick the right band and music selection that fits the overall occasion, as well as each moment of your special event.

Whatever event you are planning, having the right music is crucial to success. Event professionals are the people who have the connections and background to make your event remembered for all the right reasons.


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