Bring the excitement of the Beatles to your next event, with BeatleBeat a tribute to The Beatles Live!

BeatleBeat features four talented musicians that re-create the look, style and sound of the most famous rock and roll band in the world – The Beatles! A totally self contained theatrical experience that takes you on a musical and visual trip back to the 60’s!

BeatleBeat is comprised of world class musicians who are all veterans of The Cast of Beatlemania, Legends in Concert and Disney’s British Invasion band at EPCOT.

They have performed for thousands over the years all over the world. BeatleBeat has many options to fit your event, The full costume Beatles Show, A three piece version (The 3eatles), A duo of John and Paul (Acoustic Mania) or a solo playing the best of all the Beatles songs! BeatleBeat can also play other songs from the 60’s and 70’s (Hits of the Brits)

We specialize in small corporate events, Private parties, Theaters, Festivals and fairs



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