Beauty is in the Eye of the Beer Holder

It’s official! Everyone looks better if we’re drinking.

Scientists have been examining the phenomenon known as “beer goggles”, where the more one drinks, the better looking the opposite sex becomes. The research also indicated that women are the ones most likely to experience the effect.

The research was carried out by experts who asked more than 100 men and women to evaluate pairs of faces. Volunteers judged the faces to see if they were symmetrical or non-symmetrical, as symmetry is associated with attractiveness. Some did the tests while drinking vodka and tonic; others were given a drink that tasted like a mixed drink but without alcohol.

The “alcoholic” group found it harder to tell the difference. Another study said men and women found each other more attractive with just the anticipation of a drink and that men could experience the “beer goggle effect” by just using words about alcohol,like “beer” or “wine” in conversation! As one person put it, “I don’t even have to drink, I just think about my favorite cocktail and that seems to do the trick”.

The advantage to match-making and party hosting is obvious. We all know that a few drinks help to “break the ice”.  But the research seems to say that after a few drinks, just talking is enough to get a party rolling. Nature takes over and more drinking isn’t really necessary, though hot coffee or cold showers may be.

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