Bizarre Lawsuits

A pimp was sentenced to 100 years in prison for second-degree assault after using his Nike “Air Jordan” shoes to repeatedly kick the face of a “customer” trying to leave without paying. The pimp subsequently filed a $100 million lawsuit against Nike for “failing to warn that their shoes could be used as a weapon”, saying the company should have put a warning label on its shoes.

A grandmother sued Disneyland after she and her grandchildren witnessed Mickey Mouse taking off his costume backstage. The suit stated that seeing Mickey Mouse disrobing was a “traumatic experience” for the children.

Two surfers went to court after one allegedly “stole the other surfer’s wave”.  After the laughter subsided, the case was dismissed when the court found it impossible to put a monetary value on the wave.

A Canadian man sued a New York coffee shop for one million dollars for “”dire and permanent injuries to his manhood” when his “manhood” was caught between the toilet seat and the bowl when reaching for the toilet paper.

A prison inmate sued the State of New York for $8 million after he accidentally shot himself with a gun he illegally smuggled into the jail. His deposition stated that ”better security in the prison would have prevented the inmate from acquiring the weapon and injuring himself with it”.

A customer purchased a brand new Winnebago motor home and on driving home after the purchase, set the Cruise Control at 70 mph and then left to make himself a cup of coffee. Not surprisingly, the Winnebago soon crashed and overturned.  The driver survived and sued Winnebago for not stating in the handbook that he couldn’t leave the driver’s seat. The court agreed, awarding him $1,750,000 and a new Winnebago.

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