Brain Activities That Improve Memory

To many, the most frightening aspect aging is memory loss. While we can’t stop the effects of aging, we can slow down, and even reverse the effects.

Here are some activities that will improve memory as we a age:

1. Learn a New Language. Learning a new language benefits on many levels; not only does it add a personal skill, it’s also exercises the brain that can prevent, delay or even reverse memory loss. Learning a language activates memory and recognition, and is a great weapon against memory loss improves vocabulary and grammar, and creates mental and verbal fluency.

2. Puzzles and Word Games. Playing word games, crosswords or other puzzles helps prevent memory loss. Sudoku or Scrabble can stimulate your mind and improve vocabulary, and playing word games and crossword puzzles can reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s disease later

3. The Power of Music. It is claimed that listening to classical music can help babies and young children boost their brainpower and improve verbal skills, but music in any age is also a great treatment for memory loss. Simply listening to your favorite kind of music daily, and then humming the melody or singing the lyrics will improve your recall ability and (if you have a good voice) impress your friends

4. Talk to Yourself. Despite what we may believe, talking to yourself is an excellent way to delay memory loss and to focused on details. Storytelling has been used in treating Alzheimer’s, and helps retain and recall information.

5. Read. “A man who does not read lives one life, but one who reads lives a thousand lives”. Reading is the greatest brain exercise you can do for your memory. Read a lot, and then recall the plot later. it definitely helps strengthen the memory!

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