Choosing the Best Live Band for Your Wedding Day

Weddings are one of the most memorable events in a couple’s lifetime, starring a new chapter in the lives of many people. So it is not surprising that people invest so much time, money and effort for this “once in a lifetime” event. From the entourage down to the reception – everything must be perfect – done the way it should be done.

Wedding planners and organizers know the importance of a live band.  A live band adds to the excitement that the event itself brings. Here are some of the basic pointers to consider when hiring a wedding band:

1, Make sure that it is a well-known and experienced wedding band, one that has a “track record” and a good reputation for delivering a quality performance. The band should be able to deliver what is expected from them for the money paid; one that has experience and knows what is appropriate for a wedding reception, and can adapt to the special conditions and needs of the wedding planners.

2. Always review the music and other forms of entertainment to be performed during the reception so no surprises occur. Know the tastes and preferences of your guests, and tailor the reception so that all will be able to enjoy themselves and remember the event years later. Make sure the music entertainment is appropriate, and fits the occasion and the tastes of the audience.

For example, one couple hired a band which only played hard-core rock. Unfortunately, the majority of the guests were not fans of hard rock, and so the reception was not a event to be enjoyed or remembered, but only an event to be endured.

3. The wedding planners should prepare or review the list of music the wedding band will  play during the reception. Choose songs that are familiar and the guests can sing along with the band. Try to include all-time classics a well as popular contemporary music, have a mix of new songs with some old favourites. In this way, guests of all ages can truly enjoy and participate, singing along with the band.

4.  Choose a wedding band that not only plays the music, but performs as well. A band that can interact with the guests and a vocalist that knows how to interact and energize the audience, letting everyone “groove” with the music.  This will not only entertain the guests, but energize them, enticing them to hit the dance-floor with the live band playing the latest pop songs in the background. The wedding band should be able to draw the guests to the dance floor, dance and singing along with the band. This will ensure that your reception is entertainment at its best, and a celebration to be remembered

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