Clowning Around

If you have some time to spare, and gardening and Bridge games just doesn’t fill the time; consider being a professional Clown. That may sound a bit silly, but clowning can be both fun and lucrative. And you don’t have to join the circus to do it.

Clowns are hired for almost any form of celebration:  neighborhood block parties, special events, children’s (an often adult) parties.  If you like to entertain and make people, especially children, laugh, consider being a professional or part time Clown.

Despite what we think, Clowning can be performed with or without props. Face paint is optional. Real “clowning” is a style of comedy, not just makeup, costumes and props. The trick is style and rehearsal. Watch how other clowns do their act. Borrow what you like, but be original, not just another “Bozo the Clown” clone.  If you’re new to performing, get a sidekick! Interaction with a partner is a lot easier that solo performing. Script out your routine and practice, practice, practice!

Learn some magic tricks.  Do you play an instrument? Even if you play badly, make it part of your comic performance, then polish your act by performing for your family and friends; then at neighborhood parties. When you feel ready, get your own website to advertise, or join an agency that will get you “gigs”.

Clowning is not only fun, you can make money too! But even if you do it just for the fun, seeing the faces of your audience light up with happiness and laughter is a reward in itself.

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