Craved Kimpton

Craved Kimpton

Kimpton Hotels strutted their stuff as the red carpet was rolled out for VIP guests & clients. Thanks to Posh Planner Lisa Shultz & the awesome team from the Monaco hotel, Buddee & Amanda for putting on a night to remember & to “Crave Kimpton.”

                                                                         Brenda Anderson belts out a song



                                                                                 DJ Heather spins the tunes



                                                                                                 Hot Paint



                                                        Magician & Metro Events dude Josh Norris with friend



                                                            Ray with Annee Gillet of Hotel Monaco Alexandria



                                                                                      The White Bedroom



                                                                              The Red Room with Sherri



                                                      Ray with Amanda Chrin of the Monario & other Kimpton Buddies



                                                                                     More cool body paint



                                                        Amanda Smith, Lori Hill, Me, Sara Muchnick & friend



                                                                   Posh planner Lisa & Michael Kochie



                                                                          Sara Bauleke & Candice Barnes



                                                                              Vickie Choy & Amanda Chrinn



                                                             Ray & Candice Barnes from the Reagan Building



                                                        Jeannette Tavares (from EVOKE), Sara & Thy Parra (also from EVOKE)
                                                                Heidi Berger (Ises President Elect) & Candice



                                                                                 Jodi Moraru & Candice


                                                                                  Duo Caliente with Jodi



                                                                      Hotter picture of the White Bedroom



                                                            Stars of the evening Buddee Clinton & Lisa Schulz



                                                                    Trio Caliente (They were literally..HOT)

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