Disco 54

Presenting the nation’s hottest 70’s tribute band.

Go back in time with Disco 54!

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Kid Funk: The earth has music for those who’ll listen and here comes the man who’ll “make” you listen…with roots embedded in metal and funk and winner of numerous awards for drumming, he has seen the world and the world has definitely seen him…now it’s your turn…ask Michael McDonald, Boz Skaggs, or voices of extreme…this is how it should be done!
Notorious Nikki: I want to take you higher…6″ heels and high C vocals will definitely take you there. The mistress of magic can turn a regular night into the greatest moments ever…background vocal for more people than I can mention; among them are Donna Summer, Barry White, KC and the Sunshine Band. Extensive tours in Europe and Latin America, she lives each song she sings with power and conviction…she will make you smile and fill those boogie shoes with so much rhythm you will never stop dancing.
Doctor Luv: The voice that’s traveled teh world from Singapore to Radio City from Eric Clapton, Michael Jackson to Jimmy Vaughan and all the stops in between. Perfection of harmonies only out done by hits, sometimes authentic, sometimes immensely creative lead vocals. Either way he moves gracefully through every era, every chord, every groove and always has room to take everyone along.
Papa Funk: Soul to funk, R&B to disco, Papa Funk has done it all. Entertaining people all over for many years. Whether in arenas or clubs, he knows how to give the people what they want. This young man with a 4 octave voice can sing…”My job when I perform is to be memorable. Period.” He provides the funky side of the disco scene. Prepare to ride the mother ship and have a blast. As Papa Funk would say…Keep on funking baby!
Mr. billy Styles: Guitarist extraordinaire…playing since disco was disco and ain’t stopping now. He has performed all over the world including England, France, Italy with teh Impossible Dream, Greenland, Germany, and Hong Kong with Tom Celli and the Showoffs. He leaves the wires at home and you will find him right next to you giving it all he’s got.
Ace Boogie: The boogie man…the slam jammer…the funkster…the soul slayer…’Ace Boogie’ can make anyone find the groove. You can’t help but tap a foot, bounce your head, shake what you got even if you don’t have it. He leans on that bass like a hustler on a pool cue, always putting it right in the pocket. There has not been too many places he’s missed nor artist he hasn’t played for. The only thing bigger than the man is his sound. ‘Ace Boogie’ puts the bass in your face!
Super-Fly: Timbalies, congas, bongos, bells, whistles, chimes…somewhere behind all that you will see his arms moving and his hands pounding; it all just flows! That Super-Fly flavor to hold down that boogie beat can make you slide and move your dancin’ feet. A veteran of major tours and recording session you have to standby to help put out his fire.
Ghetto Fabulous: Standing in front of the keys, behind the keys, on top of the keys, his fingers never leave his hand. A virtuoso on many levels performing for crowds both in the U.S. and United Kingdom as well as finding his way to the pop charts as a studio musician on numerous recordings. He master the sounds as well as the notes and knows how to make the crowd find him.
Bachatcha Horn Section: Always keeping it funky, members of this section have traveled teh world performing and arranging for some of the great disco artists such as the O’Jays, The Sylvers, Donna Summer, Frankie Valli, Kid Creole and the Coconuts, The Sugar Hill Gang, and Vickie Sue Robinson!


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